Our people are what differentiates us at Bowmans.

The attraction and retention of talented women is something that has challenged the legal profession globally and we are no different.

Numerous interventions have been introduced to progress this goal including the Bowmans Woman’s Initiatives Group and Women in Leadership Programme – Accelerate.

We work hard to create a stimulating and engaging environment for all our employees across our geographical footprint. We invest our time in mentoring and developing our people to empower them to reach their full potential in the workplace. And we look for ways to enable them to be their best at work by supporting them as working parents.

Bowmans is the right place for you if you would like to:

  • Work in an environment that is friendly, respectful and inspiring
  • Be part of a firm that is actively growing in Africa
  • Challenge the status quo by innovating and using new technology
  • Collaborate – we encourage our employees to play an active part in the success and growth of our business
  • Be seen as an individual, with interests and responsibilities that are not work-related, and try to accommodate these where appropriate 

We have introduced various initiatives aimed at creating an environment where all individuals can thrive, including:

  • Providing Parental Benefits We have introduced a parental coaching programme as an extension of our coaching philosophy. It is aimed at assisting our employees to successfully manage the journey to parenthood in the context of their professional lives. The comprehensive programme supports biological, adoptive and surrogate mothers and fathers.