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Lindi Vundla, Uber

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It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Rob Legh last week.

This news has resonated throughout the global Uber family as we remember him as a respected lawyer with a laudable career. There is little I can say that has not been covered in the numerous moving tributes to him, so I will touch on two of my personal memories.

I think I first recall him either a member or the head of the Competition Committee in the 00s when he managed to calm the outrage of competition lawyers to help present balanced yet robust comments to proposed legislative amendments. More recently, I attended an art exhibition held at Bowmans to benefit a children’s NGO, and I recall him giving an address and his exchange of banter with the curator, and later observing him moving through the crowd but periodically returning to his wife Kathryn’s side.

His impact on law in South Africa and beyond is indisputable, and I am also thankful for the opportunity to have seen these other glimpses of the man you all must have known so well, and whom you must miss dearly.

We send you our deepest condolences in this difficult time and hope that you may find some solace through this trying circumstance.